Friday, May 8, 2009

To the moon and back

I AM EFFING IN LOVE WITH MY CAR! Oops.. Correction. My Dad's car. Hehe. He changed the troublesome bearing, tightened the brakes and repaired the left indicator. Drove the car to Nilai last Thursday through the Putrajaya Link (Maju Express Highway), fetched Ahmad Helmi from MIAT then headed to Nilai old town for getting some stuff done. We then headed back to KL. The driving was so smooth and peace. No more jet plane sound, people! But it felt kind of weird when I didn't hear the noisy sound because I was too used with it until I thought there was something with the car - but not! My Dad even told me to turn off the radio while driving and experience the ultimate smoothness. Haha! Thanks, Abah. Yet the wipers' need to be changed to silicone's ya? Bak sini RM50. Hee.
Oh, the jouney didn't stop there. We went to Kota Damansara, lepak at the Giant and had meals Wendy's. First time, okay? Ehehe. The meals were awesome. Love their chilli sauce! I don't know why but it tasted really fresh, macam baru petik and terus blend. Will definitely go and have them burgers again. Siap lah duit...
Back to my car's story, we then headed back to Nilai. Sayang betul aku kat Nilai tu eh? Lepak some more with the Inti buds and had shisha, alas! Tapi frust because I didn't make it for Bondi. Too full for more food.
I left Nilai at 12.30 AM and drove the car home alone. I started to accelerate at 110km/h. Biasa lah tu. Heating up. Hehe. Then speed up sikit, kereta tak banyak. WHV 25 didn't make any sound besides than the engine's, at all. Apa lagi? Seronok! I kept speeding for about 5 minutes, I reached Bangi. Tekan lagi the accelerator but not that hard on the pressure and I was too focus looking on the road, tengok je kat meter board dah reaching 160km/h! Woohoo!! Tak rasa langsung yg the car has gone that fast. The highest I'd ever went is 180km/h. Tu pun Waja jugak but an Automatic one. Tu lagi bapak laju kot! Now my own Waja. Used to speed up but ada bunyi when the bearing was broken. Before pecah tu ok lagi but didn't dare to go beyond 160km/h. Haha. Now, I am aiming for 210km/h. Heading to the south tapi banyak speed trap pulak. But I heard our traffic's cameras aren't able to catch more than 130km/h. Yeke??


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Janji tak buat lagi..

Dear my other half,

I know I went overboard. Again. I really regret for what I've said. I didn't mean it. Really. I am so thankful that you then had the courtesy to forgive me. I really really thank you. With 10 days remaining, I will do my best and prove to you that I am worth to be with.

Love you.

Always have.

Always will.

Happy Early 4th Anniversary, Baby!

A Smile From The Sky

This is what I saw when I was driving home last week around 7 o'clock in the evening. I was waiting for the green light when I saw the clouds were moving to the west. It was so beautiful. That was the first time I watched the clouds moving calmly and it was so amazing! But all of a sudden something captured my eyes. I saw 2 dots like a pair of smiley eyes and a stripe that was likely to be a smile.

Eyes + Smile = Smiley!


Here I enclose two photos of the moment. Really love it. Because I saw a smile among the clouds! Whee~


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Word Of The Day


What the hell is that?? Well, this is what I've got from my Mom. She was so mad at this bloody Honda City's driver who tried to overtake her on the road this afternoon. Of course, the driver was a young guy who was definitely had a very hot blood rush and when he saw a lady driver driving with her two kids, he became so impatient and tried to show his jantanness (provided when there was a girlfriend sitting next to him in the car) to everybody if possible. I wasn't with my Mom when the incident happened. She thought the effing driver was staying here in our neighbourhood but after he drove in to this area, he made a U-turn and headed out. My Mom managed to jot down the registration number of the Honda City and it was WNS or was it WMS 67...something, can't recall. She fussed about it over and over again when she got home. I didn't console her at first because I myself got mad when I heard about it but then I cracked a joke and said "Maybe the girlfriend tak bagi dia blowjob kot, tu yang dia marah sangat sampai bawak kereta laju gila..". You'd get what I mean? It might sound a bit lucah but that was it. I said it myself. Haha! My brother was in the kitchen and overheard the conversation and he started to laugh like hell. My Mom didn't get me then she asked me "Apa? BloGjob?! Hahaha" Yeah. It's bloGjob, not bloWjob. Oh my. I burst laughing and repeated the word to my brother and we made fun of it. Unfortunately, my Mom still didn't get it. Nevermind, Mom. You don't watch porn so definitely you have no idea what it is all about!