Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Hate Monday

Tell me who doesn't hate Monday? So far, I've met people who always say that they hate Monday. But you got to force yourself to love it anyways. Today is my second day as a free woman. Woman? Yikes! Let's just put it girl. Sounds nicer, isn't it? Done with my studies, now trying not to procrastinate about my masters application. I was told that the deadline would be on June 1 and it would take up to one month for the application process. So, if I were to apply today (April 20), I would probably get the answer by May 20 or 21. Oh shoot! All the documents needed are not adequate and organized yet!! And I need the letter from my faculty and University that says I am graduated from the school. I bet the process would cost me at least 3 working days.
It's okay, Fareha. you are not flying kite here.
At the same time, I am a bit anxious about the courses that I want to apply for. Definitely it is still in the business scope but I want to divert myself from being too rigid with the business context itself - avoiding to learn too general lessons. My close friends all know that I really into Aviation, Airports and Airlines. I browsed the courses on the UCAS but most of the courses offered are for undergraduate studies. No. I am not going to take another degree (which is good, actually) because it would take another 3 years for me to complete it! Aww! I am not an engineering student. It is good to be out of the country for that long but I don't think I can bear to stay for the studies that long. Still browsing, browsing and browsing..
Thus, I had to ask my other half for his opinion. After all these years we have been together, only last week I managed to pull this question to him and got the real answer - Could you please describe me?
The first answer was tearing my heart apart, frankly speaking. He said that I am slow. What? SLOW???! I did not notice that. Oh maybe he is right. I am slow when it comes to preparing myself before I go out. Hehe. However, that was not the issue. He said that slowness is not a bad thing. He gave an instance - He rushes, I don't. Okay. That is acceptable. Another thing he added, I can manage so it would be great if I take a course that relates to management. Thanks to my so called effective leadership for group assignments for these past semesters, huh?
So, I told myself to follow whatever he has said and these are some of the courses and universities which I keen to apply for pursuing my masters.
  1. MSc International Business and Management - University of Central Lancashire
  2. MBA - University of Central Lancashire
  3. MA Human Resource Management - Leeds University
  4. MSc International Business - Leeds University
  5. MSc International Business Management - Manchester Metropolitan University
I have five options so far. Got to go back to Nilai and see Mindy at the UniEd for further clarifications.


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